Thursday, 14 May 2015

No counselling you're not dying

I have had five surgeries, two of which went wrong and three of which were to correct the original two. I am now unable to speak and have secretions running out of the front of my neck all over my clothes.
I am a little down and was pleased yesterday when finally it was mentioned that counselling was available.
Today I have been told that I can't be refered for counselling based upon my surgeries because I don't have cancer.
I have to go to my (overworked) GP and ask her to refer me.
I should be able to get an appointment with her in about two weeks and yet again I will be post op, with an open wound, sitting amongst people with germs. My consultant says the most important thing at the moment is for me not to get a chest infection so sitting in a GPs waiting room AGAIN is exactly what I need.
Yet again help with mental health issues is made as difficult as possible to get. I am not depressed but some help would be appreciated. Guess I just have to hope I get better on my own.

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