Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Is my mental health part of the recovery process?

Having had five operations in the last five months and now being back to where I was four months ago I have been feeling a little low.
 I would not say I am depressed but I am not my usually jolly self and tears flow a lot more easily than they ever have before.
I have now mentioned to a number of different health care professionals that I come into contact with that I am feeling sad, and this has been greated by such wisdom as:
'Yes a lot of patients feel low after surgery.'
'Well we knew it wasn't going to be easy.'
'There is a long way to go yet.'
Before the surgery there were many offers of meeting people who had been through something similar and talking things through before I made the decision as to which surgery to have. But now the surgery is complete I just need to get on with my rehab with the help of speech and language therapists.
Surely if my state of mind was positive the potential for my physical rehab would be higher.
Where is the support for my state of mind?
Is the link between mental and physical well being obvious?
Or do I have to hit rock bottom before this help is offered?

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