Thursday, 7 May 2015

Let's hear it for the boys

Having watched the Lisa Lynch biopic on BBC this week I was impressed by her strength and the amazing way she handled her illness. I am sure no one who watched that would have felt any different.
But how many people spared a thought for her husband. Here is a young man who early on in his marriage has to cope with this horrible illness and potentially the loss of his wife. With few exceptions he was strong and held it together for her. He was there whenever she needed him and what outlet did he have? What support did he have?
Having suffered from a long term illness myself I know I could not have coped without the support of my husband. He has been there through all the hospital appointments, the surgeries and the many time I have had to cope getting back into home life.
He puts up with my rants and and my rages, my highs and my lows. He calms me down and cheers me up.
Without him I would not have made it this far never mind the thought of making it through the next six months.
So let's us give a cheer for our support network and make sure on the good days they know how much you appreciate them. For on the bad days they are all you've got.

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