Friday, 1 April 2016

A is for Aardvark - #Ato ZChallenge

Day one of the A to Z challenge and I am going to see where the word aardvark leads me.
If you want more details about the A to Z challenge and what I am going to try to do in blogging terms over the next month check out my launch blog here.

Aardvark is a kind of anteater but is also the name of many building and taxi firms. They used Aardvark in attempt to get their adverts shown first in the yellow pages. This worked fine until people realise that numbers came before letters and then the million and one taxi firms called A1 appeared.
The A1 is also one of the longest roads in the Uk and runs from  London to Edinburgh. Another thing that ran from London to Edinburgh was The Flying Scotsman.
The Flying Scotsman was a steam train that could hit speeds in excess of one hundred miles a hour and was called the Flying Scotsman due to the journey it took. The Flying Scotsman is probably one of the most famous steam trains of all time only beaten in fame terms by the Rocket.
The Rocket was built by Robert Stephenson and was one of the first operational steam trains.
Robert Stephenson should not be confused with Robert Stevenson an engineer who built lighthouses, most notably the Bell Rock Lighthouse in the North Sea. He equally should not be confused with Robert Louis Stevenson who was his grandson and famously wrote Treasure Island.

And that is how on day one of the A to Z Challenge we get from Aardvark to Treasure Island in just six degrees of separation.

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