Sunday, 5 July 2015

Changing Baby

Changing Baby

Shirley lift the baby up in front of her, placed her nose next to the nappy and sniffed. Why do people do that? she though to herself, you could smell the nappy from three streets away, there was no need to double check that that was where the stench was coming from.
Shirley grabbed the change mat and carefully laid the baby down. Dragging the bag with all his change things in she whipped off the dirty nappy and quickly fasten it inside a scented disposal bag. She then carefully set about cleaning him.
She smiled softly to herself as she went about her task. She was so lucky to have him. Her smile fell as she remembered the doctor telling her all those years ago that she wouldn't be able to conceive. The pain and the anguish she had gone through, the tests and finally the numerous attempts at IVF. After the third attempt her husband had tried to persuade her that there was no point going on. He didn't understand what it meant to her, she needed to have a baby.
Her husband walked out in the end. Claimed that she had gone mad and that she never had anytime for them anymore. He said he hated feeling like she only wanted him for his sperm.
It had been hard at first, being alone after so many years. She had picked herself up and when she got the job at the nursery she knew she was going to be okay.
She gently wiped the baby's bottom, applied a little nappy rash cream and a little talc before popping on his clean nappy. She was just starting to fasten the velcro on the sides of the nappy when there was a knock at the door.
'They'll have to wait, won't they little man?' she whispered to the baby. She got his legs back inside the baby grow and was struggling with the press studs when the banging on the door came again, this time louder and more insistent.
'Oooh someone is impatient.' she smiled at the baby and lifted him into her arms, placing him gently against her shoulder as she tidied away the change mat, carefully putting all the used wipes into a disposal bag.
'Mrs Jones,' a voice shouted as the banging on the door started again. 'Mrs Jones, this is the police. We know you are only looking after him but you need to let us in now.'
'Shit.' Shirley mutter as she stood up. She grabbed the change bag, her handbag and rushed towards the back door.
She had only made it as far as the hallway when the front door imploded inwards and four very large, very loud policemen came barging through.
She could see the shadow of others at the back door. The game was up. The last month had been the happiest she had ever known. She held the baby close and sat down on the bottom of the stairs, holding him to her and rocking him gently.  

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