Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mike Peters - Winning the Blue Lagoon Gentleman's Club

Mike Peters owns and runs the Blue Lagoon Gentleman's club and is here to tell us how that came about.

Gerry the previous owner was fond of the odd poker game. Often after the club had closed for the evening a few people would stay on for a high stakes game. I very rarely joined in as the stakes were too high for me. I was only a bouncer at the time.
However on this one particular evening there was a young cocky guy who had managed to talk himself into the game. He had been hanging around the club for a few days and upsetting some of the girls. He needed taking down a peg or two so I decided to sit in on the game.
Just before dawn there was only me, Gerry and this lad, Ste, left in the game. I had ten grand in front of me and I went all in, Gerry threw the keys to the club into the middle of the table and we both expected Ste to walk away.
Instead he offers me a girl. He says he owned her and I could have her if I can beat him. Can you believe that? Offers her in a card game. I nearly got up and smacked him then and there but I held it together.
After all that he only had a pair. What a knob.
He tried to welsh on the bet but I got her out of there and gave him a little reminder to make sure he left  town not soon after.

The rest as they say is history.

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