Sunday, 18 August 2013

Through the eyes of a blind man

Having recently read a post by a biker who was upset by the fact his appearance would make parents steer their children away from him, I was led to consider how different the world would be if we all judged by actions rather than appearances.


As the tattooed accountant of this blog I am aware of the difference reception I will receive depending upon whether people know I am an accountant or see my tattoos as their first impression of me.

I often use this to get a reaction but I know that a certain type of person will avoid me one day and not the next depending upon my appearance. How many times have we heard that the serial killer was considered a nice quiet chap who never caused his neighbours any trouble?


Perhaps we should consider that the person who wears their heart on their sleeve has possibly less to hide than the person who never speaks to the neighbours, or perhaps we should consider that a blind man can see the true person when the majority of prejudices reach the brain through the eyes.  
Do you have any similar experiences?
Let me know when a preconceived prejudice has been proved wrong.

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