Sunday, 16 June 2013

Home comforts

She’d never been here before but she knew the address was right. She had written enough times, always sending the cheques, one a month. Harry must never know. He had forbidden her from having anything to do with this. Harry knew that she would only end up getting hurt and he had been right. These last three month’s there had been no contact except for the one letter that first time the cheque was late. Threatening the worst things, she couldn’t take the chance; she had to keep sending the money. Harry couldn’t work out why she never had any money. He made sure she was well provided for but she had started selling things to cover the cost. First of all the clock her grandfather had left her and then some of her mother’s jewellery. Recently she had had to start selling things Harry had bought her. He was going to notice soon and that was why this had to stop. It had been going on for nearly two and a half years now. It had to stop and she was going to make that plain today. Three more payments and then no more.

She walked up the communal stairs surprised by the general disarray in the corridors. She had expected something much more palatial based upon the amount she had been paying. Maybe it was just the corridors; there is no accounting for who you end up living with. She walked up to the third floor and saw the door to 3b was slightly ajar. She double checked the number and slowly pushed the door. It swung open to reveal a kitchen come living space. Clothes and magazines were strewn all over the sofa and the coffee table was covered in plates and cups which, judging from the crust inside them, had been there a long time. Her mouth fell open. She couldn’t believe this was what her money had been spent on. She slowly walked through into the kitchen area. The way the dirty dishes were balanced was worth of some kind of physics award. It was lucky that the window was caked closed with mould and other dirt because even the smallest breeze would have unbalanced them. The only clean thing in the kitchen was the oven and that looked as if it had never been used. As she slowly took in the general detritus of the kitchen a small tear ran down her check. She had given up so much to make sure that she could afford the monthly payments and this was what he had done with them. She couldn’t believe she had been so wrong. Harry had known this would happen and he had tried to warn her but she had been stubborn, hadn’t listened. Well she knew better now.

She heard a strange noise from behind a door on the left of the living space. She carefully walked over and opened the door. Lying there was a young couple, the smell of marijuana still hanging in the air. She stood there staring at them, when the man stirred and opened his eyes. He looked up and saw her standing there. Rubbed his eyes, blinked. She turned and started to leave. Seeing his pay cheque walking away he sprung out of bed and started to chase after her. He got to the bedroom door just as she exited the flat, slamming the door behind her. She could hear the dishes crashing to the floor.

As he got to the door he saw her rushing down the stairs and he knew it was pointless but he had to try to call her back. ‘Wait, please. MUM’.

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