Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Golden Tie Pin

Every Saturday was the same. I went into town with the wife and then stood outside whilst she tried on dresses that she never bought. Very rarely she would treat herself to something but it was only on very special occasions. This particular Saturday it had been raining and I had moved to be under the cover of an old jewellery shop. I had been just glancing when I had seen it. A diamond tie pin just like the one my dad had worn. It was so beautiful and reminded me of him. I never found his when he died and everything else had either been sold or sent to the charity shop.

‘What are you up to?’ It was my wife, Shelia. She had crept up without me noticing her.

‘Look at that tie pin, it’s just like the one dad had.’

‘Wow £100, I’m afraid we can’t afford that. Look let’s head back. I got a new dress for your birthday party next week and I want to see if it goes with the shoes I have at home.’


The following Saturday, Shelia told me she had nipped into the shops on Wednesday so there was no reason to go. This was a treat for me and meant I could relax before my birthday party. As it was a big birthday we had agreed I would open all my presents once everyone was together.

That evening Shelia came down just before the first guest was due.

‘Where’s that new dress you bought last week?’

‘Oh I decided that I liked this one better,’ she smiled and spun on the spot to show it off.

‘But you only have a new dress once in a while. I thought you liked that one.’

‘Well money is a bit tight at the moment, so I decided that as I didn’t need a new dress, I would manage without. I took it back on Wednesday.’

Just then the doorbell rang and the rest of the family started to arrive. After a few drinks it came time to open the presents. The usual collection of socks and ties, only this year they all said seventy on them. Then finally Shelia handed me her present. A small box, I think I knew before I opened it. I carefully unwrapped it and opened the small velvet box. There nestled inside was the tie pin.

I looked up at her, ‘Your dress.’

She nodded and smiled.

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