Sunday, 20 January 2013

Diary of an aspiring writer – My first fan

For those of you who have been reading this diary I have this week had a real boost, for those of you that haven’t read it before I have still had a boost but it just might not sound so impressive. Believe me; to me it is hugely impressive.

I have had the blog ( since May last year and had been adding stories intermittently since then. I am a member of a writing group where we all produce one story a month to a set theme and I occasionally post my Open University Assignments and weekend writing challenges there.

As you will by now know, I am planning on writing a short story every week and posting it on that blog, however it doesn’t matter how my times I post if no one reads it. I will quite happily carry on writing stories but I will not improve if people don’t read them and give my some honest and constructive feedback. So I have been trying to expand my readership.

I always post my Open University assignments on the Open University groups I am a member of and also to all my friends and family on Facebook.  I then decided to increase my profile on LinkedIn. For those of you who don’t know LinkedIn is like Facebook for business. I have about fifty connections at the start of the year and I have steadily increased up to over one hundred by connecting with my connections, connections. I then post the link to my blog here every week and hope that some of my connection will read and enjoy my work.

Finally I decided I needed to embrace Twitter. I had struggled along on Twitter for about six months not really understanding what it is and how to use it. Then I read a book by @nicolamorgan and it became apparent. You treat twitter like a pub and just go it there to chat to people. Whilst you chat to one person he may be chatting to others who you don’t know but who may have similar interests, so you start chatting to them. If you like these people start following them and they might follow you. Like in a pub there will be loud opinionated people you don’t want to talk to and that is fine, ignore them. The thing to remember is that it isn’t all about you and you need to engage with other people. So I post my stories once a week. The rest of the time I just chat. In a little over two weeks I have doubled my Twitter followers and my blog hits have gone from twenty a weekend to nearly one hundred.

So based on all this extra work I was feeling quite pleased with myself and enjoy the fact that people were reading my stories when the icing on the cake came. I had a phone call at work about some recruitment we are doing. The young man chatted away to me about his company and how we needed to work together. All perfectly normal. Then just as we were finishing our conversation he mentioned we were connected on LinkedIn and how he was disappointed that the previous week’s story had ended so abruptly. He was quite insistent that I must continue this story and expand it. For the first time ever I had spoken to a real human being who I had never met before and he liked my stories. WOW! I have had positive feedback before but either from family, who are usually kind, or over the internet. Some how it feels so much nicer when you can hear someone’s voice as they say they enjoyed a story you have written.

So off now to produce this week’s story and also I must remember to continue my research into how to get my stories out there. Hopefully I can find even more people who enjoy what I write. If your one of them let me know and if you don’t like something let me know. I want to get better and I can only do that with your help.


Until next time – Happy Reading.

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