Sunday, 7 October 2012

Rapunzel's near miss

From my room in the tower I could see him riding towards the castle.

'Shit', I needed to get to the Black Knight quick.

I guessed I had about twenty minutes until he got to the moat and possibly another thirty minutes after that before he could climb the tower to rescue me. I needed all that time and more so I had to move fast. I ran down the tower stairs and banged on the gong in the hallway. I was suddenly surrounded by a motley gang of dwarves, elves, trolls and the Black Knight.

'Okay guys, this is not a drill. Prince Charming is on his way so we need to make the castle secure. I mustered my troops as I had needed to do many times before. 'Dwarves get the drawbridge up and fortify the moat, elves and trolls on the battlements. Elves get ready with your bows and arrows and Trolls get started on boiling up that oil. Only remember, try not to hurt him. He is just the latest in a long line of idiot Princes' sent by my Father.'

Okay Rapunzel what about me?' called the Black Knight.

'Up to the tower with the fake hair, if he makes it past this lot haul him up and keep him trapped there as long as you can.'

'Right', I turned to address the whole team, 'Action stations everyone and remember the freedom of your future Queen depends upon you all.'

I rushed down into the dungeons and quickly donning a monk's robe I pulled the torch holder which released the secret passageway. The underground tunnels would lead me under the moat and out into the woods at the back of the castle.

By the time I left the tunnels the fighting was well underway but there was still no time to lose. I collect a horse that was always kept ready at the exit to the tunnels and rode solidly for two days.

Finally I came across small cottage deep in the heart of the woods. I tied up my horse and removing my disguise carefully entered the little house. Inside there was no-one home but everything was about a third of the size you would expect it to be. Round the dining table were seven chairs and on the drainer were seven bowls and seven spoons obviously left to dry after supper. I was exhausted and the sun was setting so I went to the bedroom to find seven small beds all in a neat row. I lay down across three of the beds and fell quickly into a dreamless sleep.

I awoke the next morning with the sun warming my face and seven strange little men all staring at me.

'Who are you?' asked the grumpy looking one.

Thinking fast I knew my last alias had been burnt but luckily I always had at least two other identities to fall back on.

'I'm Snow White. I am so glad you are here. Please help me.' The little girl lost act always worked in these situations. My step mother is trying to kill me. I have been on the run for two days and I just needed somewhere to rest.'

Of the seven little men at least four already looked convinced and two of the others wouldn't need much more work. It was just the grumpy one I would have trouble with.

I knew if I could convince them to let me stay I would have a good few months before father's spies worked out where I was and he sent another Prince to "rescue" me. Maybe this time father would get the hint and leave me to live the peaceful life I craved. But then again maybe not.

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