Sunday, 1 July 2012

Melissa's blog

Hi everyone my name is Melissa and this is my first ever blog. My therapist says that I should write a blog as it will help me. Johnny Fisher from next door says that normal people don't have a therapist and I told Johnny Fisher that I am not normal. I am a princess. My Daddy said so. Johnny Fisher says I am definitely not normal with my big electric wheelchair and all my gadgets. Johnny Fisher is a nasty little boy so I accidentally ran over his foot with my wheelchair. That showed him.

I have had my princess dress on today because I had to go the hospital for more tests and it makes it easier for people to know I am a princess if I wear my dress. Then I had to go and see my therapist to check I am coping. I am not sure what she means, I can't remember much about life before the accident as I am still only six and it feels like I have always been in this chair.

I am in my Sponge Bob pyjamas now and mummy and daddy think I am asleep. I can't sleep while they are shouting so I thought I would try this blog thing and use my new gadget. Daddy has bought me a special microphone that I can talk into and then the fairies that live in the computer write all my words onto the screen. It's great.   

Mummy is shouting again because she says it is Daddy's fault I am in the chair. I think he was driving me to dance classes when we crashed. Mummy says if Daddy hadn't let me sit in the front I wouldn't have been hurt so bad.

I wish Mummy would stop shouting at Daddy. He always buys me great things to go on my chair and he got me Fiona today. She is the Queen of all the Panda bears in the world and she has a special place on my chair so she can keep me company. Mummy is always cross with Daddy and if she is not shouting she is crying. I shall talk to Fiona about how we can cheer her up. I will see if the fairies in the computer can help me make her a special card.

Oh sounds like Daddy has gone out. Mummy will be up for a cuddle soon so I best tidy up and get back to sleep.

Nice to talk to you all and maybe we can try this blog thing again tomorrow. Don't tell Mummy about the surprise. It can be our secret.

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