Sunday, 6 May 2012


Invisibility Today's exercise in the five minute writer was to write about a situation where you had the super power of invisibility. Well the story has not yet been written but it did lead me on to these musings.

The problem with invisibility is that it is a bit like eaves dropping. You may just find out something you really don't want to know. After all ignorance is bliss.

So I decided the best thing to do would be to look into the lives of people I didn't know. People whose lives were so very different from my own. The only problem with that was it could be like a bad book or film; You have to care or you get bored and gain nothing from the experience.
So I thought why not try the life of someone you know but you just don't like. Try to understand why they are like they are. Maybe they have much deeper issues than you thought. Even if you can't help you can at least empathise. I believe no-one is truly 'a nasty piece of work', unless mentally deranged.

I don't want to view a famous person's life as I am sure I would be disappointed. Either that they are too normal or that they are too stupid and their fame is just bought about due to the modern need to worship at the altar of celebrity.

To see a great writer write. That is how I would spend my invisible day. Some, I am sure, are so intellectually brilliant that no normal person could ever aspire to reach them. But some will have started out just like you and I. That really would be inspiring.

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